Museum Maximo Laura - Discover a world of fibers and colors

Explore the Museum of the Artist Maximo Laura and immerse yourself in a world of fibers and colors.

Explore the Museum of the Artist Maximo Laura and immerse yourself in a world of fibers and colors.

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Canada Totally surprised by the tapestry art of Maximo Laura. A treasure of whole human beings. I am lucky to have found this museum in Cusco

Australia Experience was sensory transporting me to Peru’s natural environment – I felt the jungle talking to me through the textures and colors. Congrats!

England Who knew that weaving would offer such possibilities. Blown away by the textures, colors and gradients. Stunning.

USA Gracias! Your work is stunning, so varied and complex. I am a quilter and a needlefelter and very much appreciate the textile arts. Your use of color and design is so beautiful. The work, the planning involved, so many variations… its impressive and wonderful!

Mexico  A great lesson in life, integrity, respect for his origin and identity, the passing of time and love for life and his art. Maximum is a contemporary phenomenon with deep telluric roots.  

Peru  A hug to the greatest exponent of contemporary Peruvian textiles. Your works are a poem that is recreated in the ecstatic eyes of those of us who are lucky enough to look at them. Pottery hands, loving hands that embrace us with the interwoven fibers of your heart. 

Chile  The history, the imagination, the love for their land reflected through each thread, intertwining them form life itself. May the hands of these works and your heart endure beyond time. Thanks to life that has and is giving me so much that allows me to be in the presence of this wonderful work. 

Humberto Merida Maximo Laura, I must make an effort to express myself in the terms that my father, Edilberto, would have liked to read about your work. You, like him, who emerged from this deep Peru with the divine gift that you received from your ancestors, show the world how great you were. The great men of Inka Peru. I feel proud to be your friend.