VISIÓN OF INNER LIGHT  medium - Maximo Laura - Discover a world of fibers and colors

Visión of inner light

This collection delves deep into the allegory of the subconscious, capturing the desires, ambitions, and boundaries of humanity. It’s a vivid portrayal of the profound and unpredictable facets of our mind, body, and spirit. Venturing beyond the familiar paths, it seeks the very essence of the human soul, highlighting our innate balance, harmony, and cosmic connection. It’s a rendezvous with spirituality, echoing age-old beliefs and wisdom, standing as a testament to our existence and the boundless cosmic energy that flows within us.

Cosmic harmony I

Cosmic energy

Finding the harmonious celebration

Cosmic energy

Synchronization with the Moon

Synchronization with the Moon

Call to mother earth

Scissor dancer

Call to Mother Earth II

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