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Museum Virtual Tour

Welcome to the Virtual Tour of Our Museum

Immerse yourself in the captivating world of Maximo Laura’s masterpieces through our virtual tour. Explore our extensive collection and examine each tapestry in detail, discovering new perspectives and angles that will surprise and delight you. Experience the rich symbolism and vibrant use of color that characterize Laura’s work, transporting you into a unique world of fibers, colors, and textures.

For a deeper dive into our museum’s rich offerings, don’t miss the detailed descriptions available by clicking on the small arrows next to each room’s title. These arrows reveal fascinating insights about the artworks and their significance, enriching your virtual tour experience. Discover the stories behind each tapestry and sculpture as you explore our collection.

Explore the Maximo Laura Museum

   Room 1.- Inka.

Start your visit in this emblematic room, which features an authentic Inca doorway and wall that we preserve with great dedication. Here, you can admire high-quality textile works and sculptures, particularly the latest creations by Master Máximo Laura. The room also includes an audiovisual presentation where Master Laura provides a rich introduction to his creative process.

   Room 2.- Tribute to the regions.

This room showcases works of art that represent the three major geographical and cultural regions of South America: the Amazon, the Andes, and the Pacific coast. Each piece is displayed to highlight the unique cultural heritage of these regions.

   Room 3.- Spirituality

Explore works that convey the profound spirit and complex wisdom of South America’s diverse nationalities. These cultures, which date back through history, are brought to life through Master Laura’s aesthetic vision, making him a recognized interpreter of our cultural heritage.

   Room 4.- Patrimonial room.

This room features works that are considered national treasures and have received numerous awards and recognitions internationally. Each piece reflects the rich heritage and artistic excellence of our nation.

   Room 5.- Demonstrative workshop

In this interactive area, you can learn about the process of creating a work of art by Laura. From designing the tapestry, selecting colors, and preparing the color palette, to combining fibers and weaving on the loom, this room offers a comprehensive look at the intricate process. Here, you can also engage with a master weaver, a student of Master Laura, who demonstrates weaving techniques and answers questions about the craft.

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