virtual tour 2 - Maximo Laura - Discover a world of fibers and colors

Museum virtual tour

Welcome to the virtual tour of our museum. Explore our collection, check in detail every tapestry and discover new angles that would never have occurred to you. Dive into the symbolism and Laura’s use of color to transport you into a world of fibers, colors, and textures never seen before. 

Discover Maximo Laura museum areas

   Room 1.- Inka.

This is the first room where the visit and tour of our museum begins, it is an emblematic room because it contains a doorway and an authentic Inca wall which we preserve with great dedication; In it we exhibit high-quality textile works and sculptures, especially the latest works by the master Máximo Laura, and we present an audiovisual material where the master explains a rich introduction to the process of his creative work.

   Room 2.- Tribute to the regions.

In this room are exhibited the works of art classified in such a way that the spectators can appreciate the works corresponding to the three geographical and cultural regions of South America: the Amazon, the Andes, and the coasts bathed by the Pacific Ocean.

   Room 3.- Spirituality

Works that express the deep spirit and complex wisdom of the nationalities of South America, cultures that go back in time, transcending to our time through the aesthetic proposal of Master Laura, recognized in the world as an authentic interpreter of our culture.

   Room 4.- Patrimonial room.

Works that are the nation’s patrimony have deserved many prizes and recognitions in diverse countries.

   Room 5.- Demonstrative workshop

This room is a demonstrative area about the process of elaboration of a work of art, Laura, from the elaboration of the design of the tapestry, color selection, preparation of the color palette according to the design, through the combination of fibers of different colors, finally the process of weaving on the loom made by a master weaver, Finally, the process of weaving on the loom is performed by a master weaver, a student of Master Laura, with whom you can have the experience of visualizing the complex work of weaving Laura and have a pleasant conversation with the weaver. At the same time, he answers questions about weaving Laura and the different techniques that allow consolidating of the work of art that Master Maximo Laura is guiding.