Private-collection-7 - Maximo Laura - Award winning tapestries directly from the museum

Guerrero de Luz en Noche Azul

Guest artist in the exhibition “Game Changers: Fiber Art Masters and innovators” – United States 2014

Tapestry Description 

It is an artistic piece belonging to the Inner Sea series where the Master represents the light of the warrior’s spirit emerging from the darkness motivated by the glow of the father Sun shining on the horizon. By the symbology that the Master uses, we can appreciate that the concept of the warrior of light refers to a criterion of agglutinating and collectivizing radiance, because the warrior is defined by the collectivizing forces that shape him, such as the fields represented by the grids of different colors, the integrating presence of shooting stars and comets that are integrated into the spirit of the warrior, accompanied by the energetic effluvia emanating from mother earth in connection with the energies of light that come from the cosmos.

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