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Ritual de las llamas

Selected work VI International Triennial of Tapestry and Textile Arts of Tournai. Belgium 2008. 

Tapestry Description 

Ritual de las Llamas is a large-format triptych that shows how animal nature, even with its instincts that are closely related to the rhythm of nature and the cosmos, in their sublime moments, dedicate their time to thanking life and its environment. , the llamas give thanks to life in the months of January to March, which is the season of abundant rains and nature is green and food is conducive to all fauna, including men, This work is an allegorical celebration of a ancestral ethics and morality that is about giving thanks to life, nature and the cosmos, which is Pachamama itself. 


The aesthetics of the work is developed between cubistic shapes and warm and cold colors that when combined create a special harmony that combines correctly with the dreamlike figures transposed into one-dimensional lines,but that with the colors, lights and shadows achieves a visual effect. three-dimensional, just as pre-Columbian cultures achieved in their ceramic paintings and textile pieces. We can also appreciate a harmonious combination between the figurative and the abstract, which very few artists have dared to combine because it is difficult to achieve the harmony and balance that denotes its aesthetic quality 

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