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Alabanzas Sagradas en la jungla

City Award 4th International Triennial of Fiber and Textile Art “Global Intrigue II”. Letvia. 

Tapestry Description 

The worldview in the Amazon is systemic, the human being cannot be considered detached from his environment, much less is he considered as a being of superior hierarchy, conqueror, subjugator and dominator of nature, nor is he considered as subjected or dependent, but rather considered as an integral part of that marvelous system whose main axis is the great Yakumama river, known as the Amazon river. Sacred Praises in the Jungle aesthetically demonstrates that Amazonian language of complementarity and reciprocity between the entities of nature that is considered sacred and deserves the respect and care of men. 


This is a figurative work where all the entities of the jungle take on an almost anthropomorphic corporeality, to demonstrate that we are all an important part that shows their gratitude to the prodigious nature. The representative figures resemble the iconography of pre-Columbian ancestral cultures. We can appreciate in this work, a subtle drama regarding the forest affected by man; Treetops are lopped off or destroyed as forest creatures cling to the forest to defend it, clamoring for its recovery. The work is built using many textures in high and low relief that the master makes use of the various textile techniques developed by himself in his workshop and with the recovery of pre-Columbian techniques used by our ancestors. 

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