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Espíritu Mayor Caminante

Mention Award 5th International Biennial of Textile Art, organized by the WTA Argentina 2009

Tapestry Description 

A work awarded in Argentina for its singularity, a diptych where nature is observed with its creatures stunned by the existence of the fire that is consuming the tops of the trees, caused by the irresponsibility of human beings; Only the trunks and branches of the trees of the forest remain, resisting death because they still have water in their roots that represent the blue tones at the bottom, while the creatures of the forest clinging to the branches as walking spirits, persist in the continuity of life, because the walk of nature is evolution and everything that resists adversity, evolves, it is for them that this work is named: “Greater spirit, walker”.


It symbolizes the drama suffered by the Amazon jungle by the furtive hand of man. In this forest we can appreciate the creatures that inhabit them, they are attached to the trunks of the trees, the faces are from ancestral iconography, 3 funny, hello, yes, how do I quit?

Miss Jay is a person who has studied at the San Antonio Abad University of Cusco, she studied anthropology at the moment.

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