Private-collection-23 - Maximo Laura - Award winning tapestries directly from the museum

Camino hacia mi centro

National Living Human Treasure of the Nation Award. Lima, Peru.2010.

Tapestry Description 

It is an emblematic work, patrimony of our national and Latin American culture, this work goes beyond the tapestry, its masterful construction and the use of materials that are fibers and colors make it a unique plastic work that surpasses its content and its physical components, because its system shows us a wonderful synchronous unity, which at first glance seems like an abstract pictorial work, with soft colors, which between subtle lights and shadows provide us with a surprising three-dimensionality effect that ends up turning it into a piece of art complete. 


The symbols used, which are zigzag, broken, undulating, rectangular and square lines and circular geometries, are nothing more than a good use of the entire iconographic range that our ancestors used to design their art. 

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