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Ritual a la Fertilidad

1st Prize Award for Sustainable Luxury in Latin America 2022. Argentina. 

Tapestry Description 

Fertility is the great productive capacity that our nature possesses, in this case, which is very prodigious in the Andes and in the Amazon. In this marvelous work of textile art in which Master Laura has used a great diversity of weaving techniques to configure the high and low relief, in such a way that the presence of the trees with their roots seem real, just as it can be perceived the movement of the creatures of this magical forest that develops and grows with the great fertility provided by mother earth. The range of colors has a surprising warmth, in such a way that it has not required the use of very bright ranges to determine the energetic force of that magical warmth. 


Its iconographic elements symbolize the eros of nature in a very productive fertility, you can appreciate the creatures represented dreamily, in action of celebration and festivity for that encounter of fertility and fertilization of the habitat 

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