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Sueño del guerrero al amanecer

Mention Award, Third European Triennial of Fibers and Textile Art, Tradition and Innovation “Global Intrigue”- Latvia 2007 

Tapestry Description 

Large-format masterpiece with multiple fibers of subtly opaque colors, in a multidimensional figurative style that breaks space and time in a complementary proposal of ancestry and modernity that describes the intrinsic nature of the philosophy and mysticism of the ancient world of cultures. from South America, who interpret the world and the universe. 


The symbols crafted by Master Máximo Laura delve deeply into the roots of ancient pre-Columbian cultures. The Chavín culture, known as the first widely recognized civilization in the Andes, offers a glimpse into an art that spans from the construction of the “Old Temple” in Chavín de Huántar around 900-500 BC to the “New Temple” around 500-200 BC. This culture revered the jaguar, and their carvings of jaguar heads with fangs, known as “Cabezas Clavas” in Spanish, are one of the most iconic images associated with them.


MQ-646 (JUN-2009)

The artwork “Sueño de guerrero al amanecer” not only evokes the magic of these cultures but also transports us to a time when snakes symbolized the rivers that brought life to the fields and, on a spiritual plane, represented wisdom. Birds, on the other hand, were seen as messengers from the heavens, symbolizing the transcendental flight of great spirits.

This masterful piece showcases the triumph of the spirit over chaos, a depiction of when humans align in perfect harmony with the energies of the world and the universe. It stands as a testament to the harmony and balance that underpin existence, a reminder of the rich cultural heritage of the ancient civilizations of South America, and a call to respect and protect that legacy.

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