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Encuentro de dos mundos

Manos de Oro Award National Craft Contest. Lima, Peru 1991. 

Tapestry Description 

This work is designed on a single plane, without lights and shadows, only with icons of many lines that intersect and form rhombuses of different ranges of colors. In this work, black and white are used between complementary and non-complementary colors that make a special harmony so that the viewer translates inside, his own understanding of what he perceives; This is what makes this work unique. 


It has the symbolism of the Andean worldview with signs and geometric figures used by pre-Columbian ancestors, as if it were a type of iconographic writing, where the crossed lines mean duality in complementarity and the rhombuses mean the four-dimensional conception of life and, in turn, the path of solar motion during a day, where at sunrise the sun rises to the left, at noon it is up, at sunset it is on the right, and at sunset it is down. 

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