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Espiritu Mayor

Selected work 8th Textile Art Biennial ATA. ATB8. United States, 2010. 

Tapestry Description 

This is a wonderful work where the greater spirit of our being and existence is observed, symbolized by an old tree that reflects in its gaze the great wisdom of the Andes, from whose trunk the generational branches of our life are born. This tree is our cultural root, our primordial foundation. 


For pre-Columbian cultures, the tree is of fundamental importance, just as in Western cultures, the ancient Egyptians also spoke to us of the tree of life as the most sublime graph of human evolution. This work is figurative, whose beings such as birds at rest represent the heavens and the snakes represent the wisdom and wisdom of nature, in the same way we appreciate human beings in action of gratitude and festivity with their mythological masks that represent the ancestors tutelary 

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