Private-collection-16 - Maximo Laura - Award winning tapestries directly from the museum

Fiesta de la Diosa de Agua

Bronze Award, Fifth International Fiber Art Biennial “From Laussane to Beijing”. China, 2008. 

Tapestry Description 

The ocean and the sea that bathes the coasts of South America go through various annual cyclical processes of especially climatic changes, the most important being the hot season from December to March, which is the time of evaporation of the waters that later become rain. and the summer season, which is the cold season, from April to November. In the warm season, a great pilgrimage of marine species occurs in the sea that gives the impression of being a great marine festival that comes to enjoy the plankton that grows on the waters, this, for the ancestral communities, meant a festival of the goddess of water, which the master Máximo Laura has masterfully depicted in this large-format work. 


With a precious ancestral iconography, the Master Máximo Laura elaborates this work that develops dynamism and movement effects, but above all, it stands out that in flat cubistic lines it presents three-dimensional effects with the use of lights, shadows and various textures that the techniques allow. fabric that the Master applies to his works. The sea symbolizes the origin of life on our planet that all the cultures of the world noticed and considered the great ocean as the goddess of water that is giving and vital for our existence

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