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Mitologia Andina

Winner of the UNESCO Prize for Latin America and the Caribbean. Spain 1992. 

Tapestry Description 

Andean mythology is very complex, because pre-Columbian cultures conceived that the world is a constant interactive system between the entities that comprise it, with its vital regularities of complementarity and reciprocity that gave rise to evolutionary processes. 


We can appreciate that this work is oneiric and labyrinthine that demonstrates the complexity of pre-Columbian cultures. We appreciate many crossed lines, in Andean mythology the lines that cross symbolize unity in complementarity, since parallel lines are considered as opposites because they will never achieve an evolutionary unity, from which a third element can be born. These small lines that intersect are also found in pre-Columbian ceramics, from the oldest cultures such as Caral, Kotosh, Mochica and Parakas. From two lines that intersect, the rhombuses are also born, which are the geometric figures that symbolize the four edges of life, the four sides of everything: above, below, and left and right.  

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