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Cosmos Interior

Absolute Winner in the Textile category, V Intercontinental Biennial of Ancestral or Millenary Indigenous Art, Ecuador. 2014 

Tapestry Description 

The interiority of men is very complex, as the complexity of the exterior, man is made of the universe, therefore the human interior turns out to be a particular cosmos that resembles the infinity of the universe. The master, in this work, shows us in a dreamlike way, the complexity of our interior, which he calls “Interior Cosmos”. 


The symbology that it uses is also iconographic, eminently Andean in style, where the presence of the sun and other celestial bodies such as comets, shooting stars and the eyes of the galaxies that contemplate us stand out, which end up describing our interior with warm colors. that represent energy in motion, among a range of blues that determine the depth of our complex being. 

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