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Rituales y visiones en las Montañas Sagradas

Audience Award, “Land” Award Exhibition from the Victoria Tapestry Foundation. Australia, 2008. 

Tapestry Description 

The sacred mountains are the tutelary snowy peaks that rise like coats of arms along the Andes mountain range, where the spirits of our Inkas dwell. Men climb these mountains to talk with the ancestors and ask them questions about life and existence, the answers of the ancestors can be seen and heard through the visions that men receive in their being; those visions translated by Master Laura, in a work of textile art. 


It symbolizes the spirit of the worldview of the Andes that until now persists in the men who live in the mountains, we find in this work symbols of the Inca and pre-Inca artists, reinterpreted with textile textures using the diverse weaving techniques that the Andean weavers use as heritage to date

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