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Primavera del Amor "Spring of Love"

Honorable Mention Award, 13th Lodz International Tapestry Triennale – Poland 2010 

Tapestry Description 

Spring of Love” It is a textile art work of large format and figurative style, with lines and colors that transcend beyond conventional space and time. The mixed fibers made art, presents us in a single plane, multiple dimensions in strict harmony and  balance, giving the viewer  the possibility of a dialogue with the artwork and with each of its elements    


The iconographic figures in the pre-Incan style of the Wari culture, from which Master Máximo Laura’s cultural foundation originates, intertwine with the subtle magic of the Peruvian Amazon, a region rich in biodiversity and symbolism. This artwork showcases the natural evolutionary process of living beings, from the oceans to the forests, evoking images of when fish climbed trees and then man appeared to interpret and give meaning to beauty through his art.

Incorporating symbolic elements from the Amazon, such as the jaguar, a symbol of power and strength, and the anaconda, representing life and death, the artwork conveys that spring and love can be eternal. The piece reminds us of the importance of harmony and balance among living beings, evoking the purity of the Amazon, a place where nature thrives in the absence of man’s destructive intervention. It’s a call to protect and value not only our rich cultural heritage but also the natural world that surrounds us.

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