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Pachamama Taki

This collection is the sublime manifestation of gratitude to the cosmic mother that gives us life and lavishes us its fruits so that the planet earth, our home, works in harmony and balance, “Pacha” means the world and “mama” means origin and cause of life, are the primordial elements of existence formed by the sun as the father begetter and vital fire called “Tayta Inti”; the earth, as the mother generator of food called “allpamama”; the air as the father sustainer of life that thanks to him, the creatures of Pachamama live; the air moves the oceans and brings the rains to the fields who we call “tayta wayra” father wind; and finally the mother water that gives us sustenance for life on our planet, called “Yakumama”. PACHAMAMA TAKI is a collection of tribute and song to the mother, prodigy of life.

Fiesta marina

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