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Máximo Laura (Ayacucho, Peru), is an internationally acclaimed tapestry weaver, heralded as one of South America’s most distinguished and unique textile artists. With a career spanning over 30 years, Laura integrates ancestral weaving techniques, rich cultural symbols, and contemporary artistry to create his masterpieces. As a consultant, designer, and lecturer, Laura’s influence extends beyond his art, contributing significantly to the field of contemporary Andean textile design.

Early Life and Heritage

Born into a lineage of skilled weavers in Ayacucho, Peru, Máximo Laura learned the art of weaving from his father, Miguel Laura. Growing up, he immersed himself in the rich cultural and artistic traditions of his homeland. This early exposure laid the foundation for a lifelong journey of artistic exploration and innovation. Although he initially pursued literature at the University of San Marcos with aspirations of becoming a poet, Laura’s path took a pivotal turn due to the political upheaval of the 1980s in Ayacucho, leading him to relocate to Lima. It was here that weaving, which started as a means of support, blossomed into his true calling.



Artistic Vision and Inspirations

Laura’s work is deeply rooted in the legends and storytelling of Peruvian heritage. He draws inspiration from ancient cultures such as the Chavín, Paracas, Nazca, Huari, and Chancay, each contributing distinct elements to his vibrant and expressive tapestries. Laura’s artistic language is also influenced by renowned contemporary artists like Fernando de Szyszlo, Olga de Amaral, Jean Lurçat, and Sheila Hicks. His tapestries are a harmonious blend of past and present, merging traditional techniques with modern artistic expression.


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Professional Journey and Achievements

Over the span of his illustrious career, Laura has created around 13 distinct series, each reflecting a phase of his artistic evolution. His works have been exhibited in over 140 exhibitions across 29 countries, including solo exhibitions at prestigious venues such as the Musée de Bibracte in France, the Smithsonian’s National Museum of the American Indian in the USA, the Textile Museum in the USA, and the Museum of Decorative Arts and Design in Latvia.

Laura’s contributions to the art world have been recognized with numerous awards, including the UNESCO Prize for Latin America, the title of “National Living Human Treasure” of Peru, “Manos de Oro” (Golden Hands) of Peru, “National Amauta of Peruvian Craft,” and “Master of Iberoamerican Craft.”

Institutional Contributions and Legacy

Máximo Laura is co-founder of the Iberoamerican Textile Network and the Peruvian Center of Textile Art. He is a member of the American Tapestry Alliance, the European Tapestry Network, and the British Tapestry Group. Through these platforms, he continues to advocate for the preservation and promotion of textile art on an international stage.

Continued Dedication

Today, from his home workshop in Lima, Laura continues his artistic journey. Through his museum, masterclasses, and teachings, he remains committed to preserving and promoting the rich weaving culture, ensuring it inspires and thrives in future generations. His dedication to his craft and his cultural heritage makes Máximo Laura not just an artist, but a guardian of Peru’s textile legacy.

In His Own Words

“I am a passionate weaver that always accomplishes my works of art with love. I was born in the Andes Mountains of Peru where, as a child, I discovered a liking for drawing, painting, colors, and textures. I learned how to weave from my father, who was also a weaver. During my years at university, through exploration of my artistic creativity and innovation, I found my calling as a weaver. It has been twenty-five years since my first art exhibition, and today I have had more than one hundred and thirty exhibitions in twenty-six countries around the globe. I am honored to have been recognized and to have received awards for my works. I like tapestries because they allow me to fulfill my dreams, my visions, and to find my inner beauty. The creation of a tapestry is a journey for both tapestry and artist. The journey, from conception of the idea to the realization of the work, allows for an intimate relationship between me and the tapestry. It is a pleasure to see an idea transform into a beautiful weaving.”


Artist´s timeline

Art Critics

Maximo Laura’s tapestry is a project of cultural resistance, a light burning in the tunnel of time which returns to our eyes a fascinating past, so rich in myths, symbols… looking for a sculptural synthesis of figures and geometries that speak of gods, celestial phenomena, universal archetypes and integration with nature he goes by the Andean roots with complete technical command to reach a free form of creation, to the construction of optical poems which legitimize his art as authentic, profound and personalized…. It is more than artistic talent; it’s a vision consistent with the solar treasure of the Incas that he erects like a lantern in the night without respite of our Latin America.

Mario Margutti – Brazilian Art Critic

Máximo Laura, weaver from and perennial creator, is an example of what can be achieved in the Arts when the memory of millenniums is recovered and pride for being an individual and part of a community at the same time is re- covered. Thus, my homage to his work is the recognition of that which is American in his creative spirit.

Zadir Milla Euribe – Peru

Máximo Laura has a profound understanding and an almost mystical application of the textile techniques developed by Peruvian weavers over the past 3,000 years. His contribution to this art is creative rather than technical. He uses the magical symbols found in the iconographic language of ancestral native cultures, giving a lively and strong contemporary manifestation. Máximo Laura has a personal use of color and design ensuring in his own poetical interpretations, in true works of art.

John H. Davis – Peru

To find a humanized tapestry is an event! I feel something alive and throbbing when I look at one of Laura’s pieces… These creations are guided by a supernatural hand, a connoisseur of a universe both human and divine … Colors polarize the atmosphere and create a nostalgic reminiscence of Andean myths buried under the shadows of jaguars, historical times full of solar treasures protected by human darkness on the crust of this dispersed planet.

Mario Chinotti – Italy

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