Linea de tiempo - Maximo Laura - Discover a world of fibers and colors

Born in the town of ayacucho-Peru

Ancenstral reminiscences - myths and legends

In this stage he explores symbolic geometry, mythic and figurative landscapes and takes a deep look in ancestral symbols and wisdom 
    • Enrolled on the School of Education at the San Cristobal National University in Huamanga, Ayacucho, Peru – 1978
    • First collection Andean Mithology (1978-1983)
    • Travel and settle in Lima – 1979
    • Founded the Laura Workshop in Lima, Peru – 1980
    • Made collection “Ñaupayuyay” – “Reminiscences” (1980- 1983)
    • Enrolled in the School of Literature at the National University of San Marcos, Lima, Peru – 1980

Transition and experimental constructivism

In this stage he explores pictoric landscapes and geometric symbolisms
  • Stage  of   “Takyonqoy” – Rebelion del alma -1983
  • First group exhibition « Faces of Peru” Buenos Aires, Argentina – 1985

Oferings in the andes

  • Founder and director of TAT (Textile art workshop) in Lima, Peru. (1986-1987)
  • Studied tapestry weaving art in the Kela Cremashi workshop. 1986-1987
  • First exhibition of international level along with other artists : 1st Meeting Latin-American of Mini Textile Montevideo, Uruguay.- 1988
  • First National Prize “Golden Hands”, Peru 1991
  • Awarded with UNESCO Prize for Latin America and the Caribbean in the 4ª IberoAmerican Crafts Fair in Tenerife, Canaria, Spain. 1992

Sacred encounters - new breath

    • Development of the collection “Musoqsamay”  1996
    • Development of the collection “Mallqui” 2000

Eternal chant

  • Awarded with the National Prize “Grand master of Peruvian Handicraft” by the national culture institute of Peru
  • Encounter with Jean Lurcat´s work in the UNESCO, Paris, France. 2003
  • Development of the collection “Musicians” 
  • Development of the collection “Wiñay Taky” – Eternal Chant 2002
  • Development of the collection “Hatun Raymi2003-2004

Rituals, visions and celebration of life

  • Development of the collection “Rituales y Visiones
  • Development of the collection “Mar Interior” (Inner Vision) Ukunchiqmayu – 2004-2005
  • Development of the collection “Celebration of Life(2008-…)
  • Received the major national prize “Gran Premio Nacional Amautas de la Artesanía Peruana” awarded by Ministry of Foreign Trade and Tourism. 2009

Profane chants and constructivism

  • Founded the Museo Maximo Laura in Cusco, Peru. – 2013
  • Development of the collection “Pachamama Taki
  • Development of the collection “Mamacha Coca
  • Development of the collection “Ekeko
  • Development of the collection “Singers of Light
  • Award for sustainable luxury in Latin America – 2022     

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