BIOGRAPHY - Maximo Laura - Award winning tapestries directly from the museum


Máximo Laura was born in Ayacucho, Peru in 1959. Textile Artist of self-taught formation. Since his early years has shown his talent and passion for drawing and painting, especially referring to color and symbolism; his permanent challenge is the search for a language of his own that would emanate spirituality. At the same time, he experiments and investigates textile art, an interest inherited from his father. Having found his true vocation, he feverishly devotes himself to the arts. He works as a weaver, designer and textile consultant participating in lectures and seminaries since 1988.

He has presented 71 solo exhibitions and he has also participated in several group exhibitions in Peru and abroad since 1985.


His works have been exhibited in Argentina, Uruguay, Paraguay, Brazil, Ecuador, Colombia, Venezuela, Costa Rica, Puerto Rico, United States, Spain, France, Finland, Latvia, Germany, China, and Japan among others. The area of research deepened their knowledge in the Andean textile design enriching their work with this ancient technique. Within support projects, has conducted training workshops and counseling to textiles with traditional techniques. Consultant, designer, and lecturer in Art and Contemporary Andean textile design. He teaches workshops of textile art in various regions of Peru and abroad.

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