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Maximo Laura Portfolio

Peruvian artist Maximo Lauro creates large, spell-binding tapestries of rich color and fantastic imagery of life under the sea. In the past 25 years, his works have been shown in over a hundred exhibits in 26 countries around the world. In an interview, Lauro tells X-RAY MAG about his creative process and how his art is inspired by the mystery and majesty of nature.

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Interview with Maximo Laura

Maximo Laura is an award-winning weaver among the best known and most respected in South America. His tapestries are part of the most important public and private collections in the world and include the World Bank in Washington D.C., the Unesco Headquarters in Paris, the Smithsonian´s National Museum, the Iberian American Museum in Spain and the National Museum of Peruvian Culture in Lima.

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Internationally known Peruvian Weaver

“Tapestry-making requires a progressive, slow and irreversible system of work that allows for the miniscule, patient and intimate meeting of technical and visual solutions, leading to the opening of an infinite repertoire of possibility subjected to the communicative intentionality of the work.

In my case, I look for a language that emanates spirituality, aesthetic beauty and lyricism.

I try to submit myself to the limitations of the materials and to the requirements of the act of creation,  under the light of an obsessive taste that will, in the end, reflect a cultural and textile connotation that is typically Peruvian.”